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7 Reasons Why You Should Target Beginners

You have picked a niche, like golf or weight loss or online marketing.

And now you are trying to figure out what to sell and to whom.

Here's a thought : Target beginners.

Here are seven other good reasons why you should target beginners

1. They are not frustrated by empty promises.

Let's face it, many of the intermediate and expert members of your niche are jaded and cynical. Other marketers have scammed them, frustrated them with empty promises, and let them not knowing whom to trust. Beginners don't have this high level of resistance, so you can spend more time actually training them and less time breaking down those walls.

2. They haven’t encountered contradictory, confusing information.

Sometimes intermediate and expert members of your niche are nearly paralyzed with information overload. They have heard so many different things that they don’t know what to believe. Beginners are better in this aspect, because they haven’t been exposed to all that. If you give them solid, actionable training – they’ll take action, get results, and be extremely satisfied.

3. They don’t need advanced or complex information.

The primary thing many beginners need is a solid foundation in the niche. They need the basics in a straightforward, easy to understand format. That means you don’t have to create advanced or complex materials in order to serve the niche. Indeed, you can create simple reports, ebooks, videos and similar materials in as little as a day or two.

4. They’re better students.

Beginners tend to be quite enthusiastic, and they don’t think they know it all. This creates better students who’re a joy to train. You’ll actually enjoy opening your email to see what types of questions these customers ask, and you’ll really like it when they send heartfelt testimonials to you.

5. They can become loyal lifetime consumers.

All In One Tools

If you’ve satisfied your beginner students by providing top-quality tools and training, these customers can easily become lifelong customers. You can even sell intermediate and advanced information to them in the future if you so choose.

6. They need everything.

Targeting beginners is profitable because they need everything, including information, tools, coaching, workshops and more.

Example: If you targeted beginning bloggers, you could sell them training resources, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, a domain name, hosting, an email service provider account and much more. You could become the “one stop shop” for all your beginners needs in the niche. And best of all, you could even earn a passive income on subscription services (such as hosting) that could put a profit in your pocket for months to come.

7. You don’t need to be an expert in the niche.

If you’re not an expert in your niche, that’s okay – you just need to know more than your customers. Just be honest with your customers and tell them if there are things you don’t know.

Example: While I am an expert in publishing & marketing since I’ve made my living online for well over a decade, I freely admit that I don’t know a lot about the technical aspects of the business—and that’s okay, as my customers come to me for my marketing expertise, not my tech skills.

No matter what niche you are serving, there are so many good (and profitable!) reasons to target beginners in that niche.

Beginners are also ideal candidates for coaching classes, because they need that extra help to learn the ropes. And you know what? You too can set up a week long coaching class to give beginners in your niche a good foundation.

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