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AdWords Tips – Checklist For Picking Hot PPC Niches

AdWords Tips – Checklist For Picking Hot PPC Niches

When marketing with Google AdWords, you need to pick the right niches in order to make more profits. If you pick the wrong niches, you can do everything very right & still earn very little. Here is a quick checklist on how to pick hot niches for pay per click marketing.


Is the topic, subject, product, service desirable? Do people really want it badly? Are there people searching for it online? Are people willing to pay for it? If yes, how much & how often? These are a few good questions to ask when you are doing market research.


Are there enough people searching for it specifically on the search engines? You can easily find out using keyword research software or you can use free keyword research tools such as Google keyword tool.


Are there any direct competitors on Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing or other pay per click search engines? Niches or markets with enough competitors show you that there is money to be made. How savvy are your competitors? If there are many of them who are less savvy than you, you can dominate the niche.


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Are there lots of affiliate programs available? If yes, you can send some traffic there to test the profitability. Are there lots of products for you to sell? The more choices of offers you have, the better it is for you.

As Seen On

This is an optional criteria, however it is very good. Do people discuss it on television, radio, magazines, other print media? If yes, there is probably good money to be made in the market.

Samuel Ng makes a very comfortable income online with search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, membership sites & more. On top of all that, he is always sharing unique & practical tips to help you make more money with search engine marketing, affiliate marketing & membership sites.

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