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camping trends fact sheet in the US

Camping trends 2013

Camping is considered as one of the best activities that connect people with the wilderness of the nature. The activity offers unique challenges along with new experiences that help campers connect with each other and improve their social connectivity. Camping for children is regarded as the best choice to improve their social skills and it offers them many ready-made playmates.

Camping Trends : Is it worth it?

Although ‘camping’ is only one word, it means many different things to different people and it got us wondering what the camping trends for 2013 and beyond might be.

camping trends and forecast 2013

Based on Google Trends on Camping (as shown above), since 2004, “camping-based keywords” have been steadily on the uptrends from Nov and Dec and will reach it’s peak in July/Aug! What does that mean?

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camping keyword competion

Based on the above keyword competition, there are many LOW keywords with monthly searches > 2000 per month with the approximate CPC > $2!

We are only at the end of Mar now and it is not too late to monetize “camping trends” with this Done for you camping site with PLR!

Below are an infographic on Camping for your reference. Have fun and monetize Camping Trends this year!

camping trends fact sheet in the US

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