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Cats Are Infiltrating the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (Watch)

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is featuring a new breed this year. Actually, it’s featuring a whole new type of animal — cats.

The cats won’t actually be parading around on leashes like the dogs do during the show’s main event. Instead, they’ll be included in the Meet & Compete event, which takes place a few days before the main part of the show. The event includes some agility competitions and allows guests to go around and meet some of the different cat and dog breeds.

Cats at a dog show might sound a bit crazy. But it could actually help the dog show attract some additional visitors to its earlier events — since cat people likely haven’t been a big part of the show’s attendance up to this point.

Be Careful of Your Diversification Strategies Impacting Your Core Business

Diversification of offerings isn’t usually a bad thing as long as it doesn’t take away from the quality of the main offering. But since the popular dog show isn’t actually changing up the part of the show that everyone is already familiar with, including cats isn’t likely to hurt the brand in any major way. And those who prefer cats over dogs could potentially learn more about the show and about the dogs that participate in those early events.

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