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Don’t Trade in Your Gym Membership for a Pokemon Go Download Just Yet (Watch)

When Pokemon Go launched earlier this year, many people thought that the popular mobile game would get more people to exercise. And they were right — at first. But health researchers have found that the bulk of people’s activity related to Pokemon Go — namely, walking around to find various Pokemon — slows significantly after a few weeks.

Now, the company behind Pokemon Go never marketed the game as a fitness activity. So on its own, the fact that Pokemon Go players aren’t reaching their daily Fitbit goals isn’t that big of a deal.

What Low Mobile App Retention Rates are Telling You

However, the fact that players tend to walk more when they first download the game and then slow to their pre-download activity within a few weeks isn’t good news either. That suggests that players are potentially getting bored with the game or at least not going out of their way to play it like they once did.

The game’s lackluster updates likely aren’t helping either. If the company wants Pokemon Go to be a long-term success, it’s going to need to give players a reason to stick around and come back to the app. Small businesses know this to be true as well. Often new products and services keep customers engaged and help a business to grow — so keep those new products coming.

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