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How to Streamline Facebook Management and Promotion to Save Hours Everyday

Facebook is huge, we all know that by now. At 1.59 billion monthly active users and with a versatile and all-encompassing media output, from memes to videos and contests, every blog and business is, and should be, on Facebook.

In previous blogging systems posts, I’ve shared tools for streamlining your Twitter, Pinterest, content creation and blogging management. Today we’re going to talk about how Facebook can eat a huge chunk of time. You open it in the morning and suddenly it’s after lunch!

How to Streamline Facebook Management


Facebook maintenance for your blog comes down to 4 categories, and each one has tools for automation or intelligent help.

As I already mentioned in the post for Twitter management, find the category you need the most help for, and make a daily schedule for it until you fix it. And then it’s a matter of priority in the day-to-day.

Don’t get distracted. That’s easier said than done, I know. It helps when you have tools so you don’t have to be on Facebook as you work magic on Facebook. I arrange the following categories according to that hierarchy of importance. But like with Twitter, each category blends with each other in one cycle.

You need:

  • To discover content to share so that you can charm that audience,
  • A regular schedule of engaging posts to establish your brand and enlarge your audience,
  • And of course, you need to monitor and measure what’s working and what’s not, so you can do more of it, or fix things.

Unlike with other social media platforms, Facebook takes care of finding your audience for you. Interests, behaviors, location, connections– Qwaya has a succinct infographic about Facebook’s impressive targeting abilities. All you need to do now is post the right content so that you do grab a good chunk your target audience.

Discover Content Fast


Becoming a resource is important. Just as your blog can gain notoriety and a first page spot on Google from riding important news in your niche, your Facebook page should be a place to hang out and be informed, entertained, inspired. So you need content, you need news, you need a combination of meat and fluff.

Buzzsumo – I really like Buzzsumo because not only do you find what’s hot and trending, you also get to share it at the click of a button.

Feedly – An organized feed in categories so you’re not bombarded. When you find something interesting, file it or buffer it.

Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer –  They say it the best themselves: “Find the very latest, freshest mentions of your brand, industry topics, or any other key terms that interest you” and your audience.

It also helps to maximize Facebook’s Graph Search to discover pages and influencers, so you can Like, Join, Follow and share what they post– and know what your audience seek and ask about. How? Easy:

In Facebook Search, type: Groups of people who like –TOPIC– and like –PAGE NAME–

Create and Schedule in A Snap


Setup Your Online Business Today

Dedicate an hour each day for content creation and scheduling. Everything you find from Buzzsumo or Feedly needs placement in your content calendar. Build a calendar and you free up hours and days without being absent on Facebook.

Create a content plan. Change it up. Post funny images, list articles, contests, and for every one, there’s a tool. Buffer piled all the Facebook tools in a handy list.

My own favorites are:

Sendible – Schedule Facebook messages and reach out to your audience when they’re awake, even when by that time, you’re already asleep or away.

Wordbook – A WP-FB connection plug-in. Yes, your audience can now register with their Facebook accounts AND you can cross-post your blog post to Facebook.

Canva and Pablo – Visual, visual, visual. When I have something to post quickly with not enough time to give my designer a heads up, I just whip something up in these two easy-peasy image-creation tools.

Edgar – A neat tool to create content categories and schedule/keep track of what you’re posting.

Google Sheets – Edgar reminds me of Google Sheets. For every blog post, I think up up to ten more related content for social media posts! For example, this blog post you’re reading has already shared several curated posts on Facebook tools– I would schedule them– and several offshoots, like a post on Facebook Graph Search itself, scheduling tools comparisons, and so on.

To keep that organized, I simply place them on Google Sheets. Color coded, I’d know what I’ve already posted, what I should research, etc. It doesn’t have to take long. One word and a link is all it takes to fill a cell!

Convert into a .csv file, and you can easily upload that file to…

Bulk Buffer – Upload the sheet with all the times you want to post and Bulk Buffer lines them all up just like that.

Hootsuite – Hootsuite and Buffer– they’re both lifesavers and time-savers. If you have a virtual team who help you generate and curate content (and when you grow your blog, you should), they can schedule everything on Hootsuite or Buffer for your review later.

Co-Schedule – Everything, from team collaboration to post and message templates, calendars, repeat schedules for campaigns, and best post/message times.

Sprout Social – Also a handy platform for scheduling updates for your social accounts, but there’s more to it below.

Crowdbooster – Like Crowdfireapp I mentioned in Twitter management, Crowdbooster ranks your most valuable communities, fans and followers for interaction priority. It’s also a post scheduling tool, and knowing your most active peeps helps influence that schedule somewhat, doesn’t it? Tag them, make them feel special.

Monitor and Measure at A Glance


Here comes the techie part. It doesn’t always have to be a chore you wish you could simply delegate to your web dev VA.

SocialMention and Mention – Never miss a mention. People won’t always tag you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise them by joining in the conversation. Also great for insight.

Likealyzer – of course, analyzes your Facebook page performance.

KISSmetrics and Sprout Social – KISSmetrics measures engagement, not likes and views, but what makes your audience kiss you through comments and shares, so to speak. Sprout Social does the same, measuring and monitoring your engagement and influence scores. Both deliver their reports in a clean visual.

Speaking of no technical mumbo-jumbo there’s also–

Quill Engage – Takes your Google Analytics report (including your Facebook conversions), translates it and delivers the most important points to you in everyday English.

Facebook Business Manager – For everything you need to know about your ad campaigns on Facebook. Assign anyone a role for your Facebook page. That thing where you share your password with your VA is outdated.

How many times do you have to log in to Facebook to reply to messages and comments, and you keep getting distracted by Facebook management tasks? Streamlining your post discovery, creation, curation and scheduling would free up time for you to spend on being social, rather than getting buried behind the scenes!

Check out the above tools– almost all of them are multi-tasking platforms to save you as much time as possible.

Do you have any other Facebook tools you’d like to recommend? Share in the comments!

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