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Is Aweber still the best autoresponder for listbuilding?

You have often heard about “The Money is in the list” statement. If you seriously want to do online business, listbuilding is the KEY! Introducing the business tool that will help you do just that and one that I use every day. Even if you already have a list, I can hopefully introduce you to a superior service that is very popular in the online world. What is it? Aweber Autoresponder.

What is Aweber Autoresponder?

Aweber AutoresponderAweber autoresponder is a very cost effective, quick and easy way to reach lots of people. It can drive people to your website/blog, help you reach new and highly targeted audiences, and assist you in promoting your products/services.

Advantages of Aweber Autoresponder

– Easy to set up and has step-by-step instructions to guide you all the way – from setting up emails to scheduling them. Aweber Autoresponder allows you to set up unlimited lists, and there is no added charge for this. They also let you send unlimited follow-up emails.
Aweber Autoresponder provides spam checks for your emails to help you bypass the spam filters. This increases the chance of your emails being opened, read, and acted upon.
Aweber Autoresponder is very reliable and ensures fast email delivery (in these aspects, they are unbeatable – their competitors cannot compete). In fact they have a 99%+ email deliverability rates.
– Reports and tracking tools. Aweber Autoresponder shows you who is really opening your emails and who has clicked on your links. It also has unique ability to reach subscribers who have not yet opened your emails by resending them.
– Email templates (150 to be precise). This makes creating a brilliant email much quicker and easier. There are many different layouts and designs.
– Integrate emails with your social media networks.
– Live chat

All In One Tools

Disadvantages of Aweber Autoresponder

– Unable to send actual videos through your emails (though you can provide the link).
– If you are moving over from another list, you can't upload your list. You have to ask permission from each email address you have.

Why you should use Aweber Autoresponder for your online business

Whilst Aweber Autoresponder is NOT FREE, it is one of the best email marketing platforms in the marketplace. I could not run my business without it and if you are looking to build your list, Aweber Autoresponder is an essential tool.

To take your $1 trial click here to get started (they do have a 30 day money back guarantee and you can cancel at any time, but remember,if you do cancel that you should export your list!)

Once the trial period is over, prices start at $19 per month and go up according to how many subscribers you have on your list in your Aweber autoresponder.

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