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It’s Not Too Late! How to Score Last-Minute Holiday Sales

You’ve made your list and checked it twice. But you forgot to pick up a gift for your son’s latest squeeze. A guest RSVPs for your holiday party at the last minute, or even better, just shows up without any notice. Maybe you just don’t know what to buy Aunt Betty because she’s so particular. Whatever the holiday snafu, e-gift cards can be your saving grace. No shipping costs, no gift-wrapping, no mess, no stress. Wherever you are, no matter what time it is, anyone can personalize a message and give the gift that keeps on giving.

If you have the technology available, don’t discredit the revenue potential of e-gift cards. Here are a few tips for incorporating them into this season’s promotional strategy:

Add a Banner

Once shipping deadlines pass, incorporate banners into the header or footer of your bulk emails. It’s best to place it above the fold so it’s highly visible. If you’re unsure about the location, try testing the placement to see what performs best. This email from Fabrik does a great job of highlighting the gift card option within a daily deal message.

Create Standalone Messages

Send reminders close to the holidays to target last-minute shoppers, and send them after the holidays to encourage recipients to spend their gifts. These emails from Roxy and Zappos are great examples of this tactic.

email examplesThese messages can also be effective in January when clearance and markdowns are prominent, or even during new spring arrivals.  You can also automate messages to alert recipients of their gift card balance. And to encourage more opens and clicks, consider using first name personalization in your subject line, and offer recommended products in your email.

Optimize Transactional Emails

Place a call to action in your transactional emails to alert customers to your e-gift card option.  These are typically your most opened emails, so use the real estate to your full advantage to promote your e-gift cards or other offerings. Just remember: Transactional messages can only contain 20% marketing material, so be strategic about your content.

Take a Multi-Channel Approach

How many times do customers browse a site or in a store but just can’t seem to find the right gift? An e-gift card could be just the way to save the sale. To support your email efforts, promote your e-gift cards on your website, with social media posts and on your in-store signage. Give them every opportunity to go with that option rather than abandon your brand altogether.

Make the most of these last few days of the holiday shopping season by making things as easy as possible for your customers. Whether it’s for a last-minute scramble or a post-holiday treat, an e-gift card can be just the thing to help you score an easy sale and, more importantly, leave shoppers with a merry little memory of your brand. Happy holidays!

Looking for more last-minute inspiration for a successful holiday season? Visit Bronto’s Holiday Marketing Academy!

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