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Listbuilding to Increase AdSense Profits

Most people who come to an AdSense website and click on an ad simply won't come back after they click. That means that for that visitor, you probably earned just a few cents. What if you could earn a lot more per visitor, over the course of a few weeks or months?

List building allows you to Increase your Adsense Profits. Here's how!

==> Focus on the List, Not the Clicks

Instead of focusing on getting clicks to your AdSense ads, make your list the most prominent thing.

Use techniques like hover overs and squeeze pages to increase your opt-in rate. Create some sort of prize, gift or free report that they will receive when they sign up.

Track your sign-up rate and split test different set-ups to get your opt-in rate as high as you can. While your opt-in might be low in the beginning, it should be higher than 10% with some split testing.

==> Emailing Teasers, AdSense on Real Content

It's important to remember that it's against AdSense's Terms of Service to paste AdSense code into emails. Yes, it can be done from an HTML and JavaScript perspective, but it could very well get your account disabled.

So how do you take advantage of this list to increase your adsense profits once you've built it?

Do it by writing teasers, with the bulk of the content being on your website. The actual content has the AdSense ads in it.

All In One Tools

For example, let's say you run a site about how to decrease your mile time.

You might send out a brief email about why it's so important to count your steps per breath. Then you say that if they want to find the exact techniques and steps-to-breath ratios, they need to visit the article on your site. You give them the link.

They then land on the site, read the article and have a chance of clicking on your ads.

And so on. Unlike AdSense, where you only get one chance to monetize on your traffic, you can now repeatedly send them interesting emails that they'll open, click through to and read.

This list you're building could provide you with AdSense income for months and years to come. Even if search engine traffic dies down, you'll still be able to make money from your list for a long time while you get other income sources set up.

The key with this technique is to write really good content. That way, your readers will be trained to know that whenever they click on a link from you in an email, it's going to be good content on the other end.

To summarize, once you have a website that's getting traffic and making money with AdSense, you should seriously think about building a list. Building a list allows you to monetize the traffic over months and years, rather than just one click.

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