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Market niche…!!

Market niche…!!

Is only a “brand name” enough for you to trust the quality? Well, after using so many ‘Branded' gadgets, garments, accessories, etc, I found that the quality that they claim actually beats the functionality of the product. Talking about the expensive and flashy mobiles, it can be seen that they often hang whenever they are to be used in emergency.. Designer clothes cannot be trusted anymore to escape wardrobe malfunctioning… and the accessories in one of my friends' car needs more servicing than the car itself… Well, the point that I want to make here is that even after going through all these unwanted situations, people keep using these things and remain skeptical for the new market and the small industries, which could provide the better quality at much economical rates.

Its the prejudice borne out of the skeptic outlook that people have created for new things, mixed with the false illusion created by the “Brand Names” that stops one from entering a new and challenging area. In the brand name niche, the irony is not only the low brand awareness of the small industries, but the Big Organizations are also troubled by the nuisance created by the Gray market. A few brand conscious minds are often trapped by these markets, which are highly vulnerable to counterfeiting. The intent is only to fool the naive buyer who only looks at the label and doesn't know what the real thing looks like and to earn a good amount from them. Thus, the Brand fanatics must understand that where they are spending millions, is actually worth only a few peanuts…

The catch is to identify the true quality and getting yourself out of this vicious circle of counterfeit.

Talking about the e-business niche, for many seasoned entrepreneurs and customers, identifying the real quality is still a child's play.

All In One Tools

They have several foolproof tools and techniques for testing the quality of a product and service. However, they too remain unaware or uncertain of certain things like ‘Offshoring' or are just not sure of investing on small organizations. While the fact is that the Small Organizations always dream Big and their plans and processes are more practical than hollow talks and are based on ethical values and integrity. Besides, the client has the privilege to test the organization's ‘Online promises' (services), their own way!

A small country makes a perfect impression on big countries of getting good business from Outsourcing. Thus, India is considered as a perfect window for outsourcing. Industries offering outsourcing and offshore services fall in the array of e-business tough competition. Now, a small country and then a small Organization in a small town! What makes it an ideal choice for offshore business? Well, in economical terms, that, what makes India a better place for it, is what makes ‘a small town in India' serves the same purpose even more economically. Easy!

Such organizations (in India) are like ‘Sun' (rising from East and setting in West) and seems to have a bright future. Just a little low brand awareness doesn't deserve to subdue the potential of these organizations to grow.

Like our own Organization, which is into Offshore Software development, with quality to compete and where Operational cost is no competition. We have a strong and skilled Technical workforce and have been delivering quality services to our Clients. We are at growing stage and have already set up our goodwill and have won immense faith of our clients in US, UK, Sweden, Ireland etc.

Its completely my learning from the experience working with Evon Technologies that nothing could beat the policy of keeping with your promise of delivering “good quality services” on the right time, at economical cost, right from the first phase of the development… And maintaining the same policy all the way is alone sufficient for a fast and steady growth!


I am a Business Development Executive in Evon Technologies.

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