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Niche Marketing: GREAT Tips & Tricks with Shama Kabani!

In this 6th episode of Webwatching, Pelpina talks to Shama Kabani who gives GREAT tips and tricks for niche marketing. Shama first explains what niche marketing is, then talks about several tools and websites to use for niche marketing, and finally gives her online marketing prediction for 2012. Will the term ‘social media’ disappear? Big thanks to for sponsoring and giving viewers a 10% discount! (use promo code ‘Frank’) Webwatching on iTunes: Frankwatching on Twitter:
Video Rating: 5 / 5 If you’re stuck trying to find niche ideas for your niche marketing, here are some free tools that I use to find hot trends that may help you as well. You can also download a free report of the hottest niche marketing trends of 2008 at http

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