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Part III: Developing a Voice Dictation Content Strategy

Many of you read the previous two (Post I and Post II) posts discussing the many benefits of voice dictation software, including the awesome benefits of using the Dragon dictation software. At this point, you should understand the value of voice dictation, the value of utilizing the best software for it, and the unbelievable return on investment that you will see as you continue to use voice dictation software. However, I wanted to spend the time today to discuss the unique methodologies that I utilize to create high quality content in half the amount of time that you would normally spend even if you were already using voice dictation software. In short, I am going to describe to you my voice dictation content strategy that can be utilized to save you significant amounts of time, resources, and ultimately will help you reach your goals of developing awesome niche websites.


Step One: Developing a Voice Dictation Content Strategy

Many of you write articles on a daily basis, or at least on a weekly basis. Sometimes article writing is a spur of the moment situation and other times it is a situation in which you have planned out the articles that you are going to write for your niche website. I have always been an advocate for developing an actual strategy for your content. In fact, I truly follow a strategy much like I would a research paper (see for more information here and here for 5 content strategy tips). The reason you need a strategy is twofold.

First, your voice dictation content strategy should align with the goals of your website. What do I mean by that? For example, if you want to develop the best blog on dog friendly organic products, you absolutely need to focus on article topics that support that overall strategy. If you start writing articles on products that have nothing to do with organic or natural products then you are deviating from the brand that you are developing. Therefore, your underlying content strategy needs to align with those overall goals. Second, if you do not have a defined content strategy then it is easy to create significant amounts of content that are unrelated to your niche. For example, you might be writing articles about dog related items but from a search engine optimization standpoint the search engines are not seeing the same consistency that they are used to and therefore it could hurt you in the search rankings. Above all, your readers will start to see an inconsistency which obviously hurts your brand.

Therefore, your first step should be to develop a content strategy. This content strategy needs to start with an overall focus of the goals of your niche website. Hopefully, this initial step was done when you were first creating your website. However, if you have not done this step but currently have an active website then I suggest you still spend some time focusing on developing this strategic alignment. By spending some dedicated time developing strategic alignment, you will be able to create excellent and high-quality content for your viewers. Bottom line, please develop a goals statement for what your website stands for and post it somewhere so you do not deviate from the overall strategy.

Step Two: Creating a Content Plan Framework

In the previous step you developed a content strategy. This strategy is the overall focus of your niche website. For example, your overall strategy is to create a website that is the best resource on the internet for organic dog products. Therefore, you have developed an overall strategy that you must adhere to when you are developing your content. In this step, you will focus on creating specific content topics that you will focus on as a part of your overall content strategy.

What do I mean by this? You should list out 30 to 50 general topics that you will cover within your content that strategically aligns with the overall strategy of step one. Going back to the organic dog food example, your topics could include organic dog treats, organic dog food, all-natural dog treats, all natural dog food, environmentally friendly leashes, environmentally friendly dog toys, environmentally friendly dog costumes, you get the point right? These topics will serve as the foundation for developing actual article content that supports the overall strategy of your niche website. By developing such a substantive list of topics, you can develop high quality and focused content that you can dictate through the software in half the time.

Step Three: Spend Dedicated Time Developing Article Titles

In the previous step, I asked each of you to develop a list of 30 to 50 general topics that support the strategy of your niche website. These topics should be general in nature but should also be detailed enough to provide a foundation for the topics to be discussed on your niche website in further detail. In this step, I am requesting that each of you spend one hour reviewing the list of topics generated in step two for the purpose of generating 30 to 50 article titles that are consistent with the topics in step two.

These titles for the articles that you will eventually develop may change slightly; however, the idea is that we are spending time creating actual content driven titles that will serve as another layer of foundation when we utilize voice dictation software. For example, an article title could be “the top 10 ingredients to look for when picking a natural dog food” or “five recipes to utilize when making your own organic dog food”. The idea is that you can start to brainstorm actual articles rather than just the general topics alone. This will help you create substantive content that is high quality when you start utilizing your voice dictation software.

COMING SOON: As an added bonus, I have attached a link where you can download the spreadsheet that I utilize when I am generating these article titles during this step three. This spreadsheet is a great resource because it allows you to stay organized, stay focused, and utilize resources as quickly as possible when working through the steps. This download is free for all of my email subscribers so please make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to have access to this and other free goodies. Once you have downloaded the spreadsheet, and spend one dedicated hour developing substantive article titles, you will be prepared to move on to the next step.

Step Four: Article Outline Process

Once again, at this point you should have a substantial list of future article titles that may or may not change slightly. However, you are probably wondering how you are going to take all of these article titles and be able to actually dictate the articles themselves therefore reducing the time you spend typing. Right? Obviously a good question, but the key to this whole process is actually spending time outlining the articles that you intend to dictate in the future. By creating outlines, you are able to minimize the amount of time you will spend typing, increase the organization of your articles, and be able to freely dictate these articles without having to stop constantly and address certain issues.

In this step, take a list of five articles that you intend to focus on during a given period. For example, if you write one article per day, then once every five days you should spend time formulating a list of those five articles from your list from the previous step, and setting aside time to develop the outline. However, if you only publish articles every three days then you will only need to do this process twice a month. In any case, the goal is to set aside time where you have isolated five article titles from the previous step that you will begin to outline.

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In the outlining process, the goal really is to provide a framework rather than a detailed step-by-step analysis. For example, if you are writing an article about the top five organic dog food brands, your outline should include an introduction, a section for each brand, as well as a conclusion. This would form the basis of your outline. By doing this, you have created a uniform outline that you will be using when you dictate your articles. Quite frankly, this is something that all individuals should be doing even if they are typing out articles. Nevertheless, it’s important to create an initial framework within your outlines.

Step Five: Filling in the Details

At this point in the process, you should be sitting down with your five article titles and starting to create a very general outline of the article. For example, each section should have a heading associated with it. Keeping with the previous example, the introduction should have a heading and each section for the top five brands should have a brand actually listed in the header. This creates a framework for you to start to fill in some general details so that you can properly dictate the articles. In this step, you are going to look at each heading within your article, in this case each heading is associated with a brand of dog food, and you are going to list the three reasons why this dog food is considered a top-five brand for natural or organic dog food. This can be a very short hand three reasons rather than full sentences.

This might seem like a lot of work right? It absolutely is not! This is something that you were already doing as a part of your article writing process. For example, how could anybody write an article about the top five brands of dog food for organic or all-natural dog food without doing research into understanding why they picked those top five brands. All we are doing right now is creating a formalized process in which you are getting the general information down on paper. Once you have the general information down, you can now begin the next step of actually dictating each section starting with a description of the brand and then following up with the three reasons that you outlined for each brand. Of course, you would expound upon those reasons but it provides a framework, which brings us to our next step of our voice dictation content strategy.

Step Six: Dictating Your Articles Using Dragon Software

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We are finally at the end! However, I promise that this process works and provides you with high-quality content. Above all it will save you a significant amount of time!!! Right now, you should have a list of five article titles with a general outline of each and general supporting reasons under each heading that actually support the assertions you are making within your outline. Continuing to use the dog food example, each heading is a dog brand and under each heading are three supporting reasons of why this dog brand provides excellent organic or natural dog food for dogs.

Now comes the fun part! I suggest printing up each outline on a piece of paper or using a notebook when you start the process to create these outlines. This will allow you to have the information at your fingertips no matter where you are. Conversely, you can keep it in a Word document but you need to make sure that whenever you are voice dictating that you are using the corresponding software on the computer. In my case, that is what I do. In any event, make sure that you have each article outline for the five articles in front of you.

In this step, you are going to dedicate your time voice dictating the five articles. Clearly some will be longer than others, some will require more information than others, and this overall time may fluctuate; however it is important to actually set aside time to do this. This should be a time that is separate from the previous steps though. Trust me, it can be tough to dictate five articles when you just got done developing outlines for them. Further, if you need to take it in smaller chunks, certainly do that. Above all, you need to be comfortable with your own process.

Now, turn on your voice dictation software, open up your outline, and start dictating each article using the Dragon software. Follow the article title by creating content that supports that article title. For example, in the introduction make sure that you are painting a picture for what you are going to be talking about later on in the article. This could include general example, reasons why this topic is important, and the overall goals that you intend to meet or reach in this article. For any subheadings, make sure that you are painting a picture of what you are describing and that you are adequately providing reasons backing up your assertions using the examples that you outlined in the previous step. Continue to do this until you finish the article.

Congratulations! You have just finished dictating an article!! Your voice dictation content strategy has begun!!

Now that you have all of this content, the last step that you need to do is to actually edit what you have dictated. Quite frankly, we all should be doing final read-through’s on all of our articles prior to posting them. Once you get good enough with the Dragon software, your editing process will truly be a final read through where you might rearrange certain sentences or changeup small portions. Nevertheless, I don’t view this as a step that is added to a process where you would already be typing. I view this as a process where we have taken out all of the typing, saved significant amounts of time by voice dictating, and ultimately generate long, high-quality, and educational content for our readers in significantly less time. I promise the more that you use the software and the more that you follow this process the better you will get!!! If you have any questions on the software, my spreadsheet, or this process, please feel free to contact me or post a comment down below and I will make sure to address your questions. Have a great day and continue to reach your goals with your niche websites in your niche businesses!

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