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What Is Slow Blogging? (And How Pat Flynn Uses It To Grow His Blog in A HUGE Way)

Fast food, quick quotes, quick drying cement, 1 hour pizza delivery, 45 minute oil changes and instant soup – these are just a few hallmarks of the “I want it now” mentality which permeates the planet. Rush hour is not named “take it easy hour”, “go slow hour” or “be safe and get there on time hour”. Everyone expects fast, faster, fastest, but this oftentimes leads to a watered-down, low quality result.

There is another approach, and it is called slow blogging.

There are those smart bloggers who look like sloths compared to the “one post per day” formula that most unsuccessful, small bloggers stick to. They practice slow blogging. This gives your readers time to really reflect upon and absorb the content you deliver. It also means more time for you to properly research, write, edit and produce a quality post.

If you spend 30 to 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week, creating 5 short blog posts, have you really given your readers your best effort? What if you took that same 2.5 to 4.0 hours and spent it creating a single, incredibly valuable, well-researched, problem-solving, evergreen resource for your audience? This is the slow blogging idea, spending more time writing a longer piece of content, and delivering a higher level of quality.

Have you heard of Pat Flynn?

He is a blogger/podcaster/author in the Internet marketing niche. He routinely claims revenue of $150,000 per month from his Smart Passive Income blog. Not only does he not post every day, but there are times when he may not publish a blog post for 2 weeks! Yet his blog receives massive traffic. Why is that?

A typical blog post on his site is 2,000 words or more. Some of his most popular posts are much longer than that. That takes some time to write. It takes time to research as well. So instead of slapping up daily blog posts that are just like everyone else’s, Mr. Flynn spends time creating epic posts that are so value-packed, actionable and helpful that he creates followers for life after someone reads just one of his posts.

The ways in which this is good for your business are simple.

It tells your followers you respect their time. Instead of expecting them to stop by your site every day for a quick read that provides little value, you don’t waste their time until you are ready to post an exceptional piece of content. These types of posts make you look like an authority in your field, which is always good for business. On top of that, your content really helps your audience by solving big problems and answering tough questions, something that is not always easy to do in a one-a-day 400 word post. Finally, continuing research shows that posts of 1,500 words or longer, a common minimum length for a slow blog post, rank higher in search results and send more traffic than shorter posts.

6 Tools to Help You Write Epic Blog Posts

You want to write that epic blog post. Like the author then longs to create the next great novel, you understand the rewards that can come from a single blog post when it is written correctly. How do you do this? Sometimes you may have all the right ideas in place. You just need to use the correct tools, like the following 5, that successful bloggers used to create health blog post.

Setup Your Online Business Today

1 – Time

Okay, so you may not think of this as a tool. However, time is the most valuable tool that exists. It is one of the few things that you have in common with the most successful bloggers and online marketers. Don’t rush your blog posts. Take the time to research, write, edit, proofread and write several drafts. Truly epic blog posts are usually long, so you need to give them the time necessary to write them properly.

2 – Coffitivity

Did you know that “a moderate level of ambient noise is conducive to creative commission”? In layman’s terms, that means a little bit of background noise, just the right amount, can make you more creative. is a white noise generating site that provides café background sounds at different levels of intensity, to keep your creative juices flowing.

3 – Research

Here is where the majority of unsuccessful bloggers go wrong. They know so much about a certain topic, they do little research. They know they haven’t written a blog post in a while, so they just start winging it, using their fast market knowledge to create content. Successful bloggers do lots of research before they write. They don’t assume they know everything. Consistent research eventually reveals epic content ideas relevant to your niche or marketplace.

4 – WordCounter

Posts over 1,500 or 2,000 words deliver up to 5X more traffic than shorter posts, on average. makes keeping track of your word count simple.

5 – Headline Helpers

If your content is amazing, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t get read. Your title or headline is super important. It is the first thing that stops Web servers in their tracks, and gets them to take notice, that is, if it is constructed properly. Neil Patel, serial entrepreneur and founder of QuickSprout, has compiled a blog post that will help you create the perfect headline. This free resources is available at

6 – Evernote

Evernote is a free personal notebook that sinks to all of your electronic devices. Inspiration can come at any time. Evernote is always there to ensure you capture all of your great ideas, no matter when or where they appear.

Now, you likely see and understand the benefits of taking the time to write longer, more in-depth blog posts. These types of posts are definitely more time consuming, but in the end, if it brings in more traffic, isn’t it worth it?

Have you ever tried slow blogging?

What about slow blogging appeals to you? Please share in the comments below!

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