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What Oracle's Plan To Acquire Eloqua Means For Marketers

Niche marketing expert
niche marketing
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This man was a character. He was into niche marketing. He had several signs and changed them as he watched the people walking by. I, of course, had to stop and admire his technique – and get some secrets. Oh and pay to have Quentin get his picture taken with him, too, of course. ;)

What Oracle's Plan To Acquire Eloqua Means For Marketers
Marketing Automation is a niche solution. Marketing Automation, a term used by some B2B demand and lead management vendors, continues to be a niche solution in the broader fabric of integrated marketing technology. This is Oracle's second acquisition …
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Joshua David Stein on the Marrow, where the chef Harold Dieterle draws together dishes he inherited from his family. — Emily Weinstein. The Wall Street Journal: Here's the latest manifestation of the niche-marketing online “share” economy: selling in …
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Dallas becomes a battleground for the better-burger niche
[email protected] Published: 16 January 2013 09:04 PM. America's hunger for a burger that offers more than speed, a modest price and middling taste has spawned a growing better-burger niche that now includes at least 50 U.S. restaurant chains.
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