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Why I Switched To Double Optin Listbuilding

If you’re already building a list, you have probably heard all about single versus double optin listbuilding. It has been a big feud since I can remember and everyone has their own opinion. There are lots of benefits to single optin and quite a few benefits to double optin. First, let’s go over what each one of these methods really are.

What is single optin list building?

Single optin is where you have a web form and your website visitor can enter their contact information and be put on your list right away. There is no need to confirm anything, and as soon as they hit ‘submit’ they are added to the list. This makes it really easy for your website visitors to get on your list and straight to your free gift or content.

What is double optin listbuilding?

Double optin listbuilding is where you have a web form and your website visitor can enter their information. The difference this time is that your visitor must click a link to confirm their request for information. Once they click the confirmation link, they are then added to your list. This will attract more serious action takers to your free gift or content.

What are the pros and cons of single optin?

As stated above, the process of single optin is very easy for your website visitors to get on your list and to start receiving your emails. Also, your numbers will look excellent if you’re the type to show it off. Since it’s easier to get people on your list without the extra confirmation process, your number of active subscribers will naturally be higher.

On the other hand, since there is no confirmation process, sometimes website visitors will enter incorrect contact information. This way, people will have access to your free gift or content and you will have no way to keep in touch with them. This fact alone nearly defeats the purpose of list building and causes bounced emails. Just so you know, bounced emails are something you don’t want. Also, your spam complaint rate will be higher, and while it should be 0% theoretically, it doesn’t always work that way.

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What are the pros and cons of double optin listbuilding?

Double optin listbuilding has been favored by nearly all email marketing services, due to the higher response rates per email sent out. First off, those who actually confirm their email subscription are proven to be at least somewhat serious about receiving your free gift or content, resulting in a higher quality subscriber and a valid email address. This means more of your emails will be opened (assuming everything else is the same) and usually a higher response rate when they open your email. This just overall sounds better, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, sometimes people won’t get the confirmation email and never really have the chance to get on your list. If this is the case, you may want to switch to another email marketing service or look up the deliver ability rates of your current service to compare. Also, sometimes people will request information because they are interested and just never open and click the confirm link.

Why did I switch from single to double optin listbuilding?

Over the last year, I have been using single optin because the numbers looked nice. I would get a handful of subscribers every single day but I would start to notice that people stopped reading my emails or they never read them in the first place. At one point I noticed from 200 subscribers on one of my lists, I would only get about 15 opens and 10 clicks from each email I sent out. A lot of the email addresses were duds or never opened. I decided I needed a change.

There are many top marketers out there with lists of less than ten thousand that make more money than some of those with lists of hundreds of thousands. Why? Well, there is no real way to tell as there are a lot of variables, but as stated above, double optin will initially generate more responsive subscribers for you.

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