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How to Succeed in the Fitness Niche

The fitness niche is one of the most popular and attractive for any new blogger or webmaster. This is a topic that's simple to grasp with lots of potential options for content and at the same time, it's a topic that applies to pretty much everyone and that people are very keen to learn more about. Abs are something that pretty much everyone wants!

Fitness niche is a highly competitive and difficult niche to break into.

For that reason, we are going to look at a few things you can do to achieve success in this category specifically but you will find that these ideas can be extrapolated and applied to nearly any subject matter.
How to Succeed in the Fitness Niche

Fitness Niche – Getting More Specific

The first thing to do is to find your niche within that fitness niche. When you do this, you will be able to keep your content more focused, you'll have a much more specific demographic you can focus your marketing on and you'll have less direct competition to contend with.

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An example of getting more specific might mean writing about running for instance – which is a sub category that fits within fitness niche. Alternatively you could go even more specific and just write about calves. Small calves are problematic for many bodybuilders and athletes and they can be embarrassing for guys who look bulky on top and skinny down low. Create a website at the URL ‘GetBigCalves.Com' and you will be able to quickly rank for this subject matter. What’s more, if you create an eBook on this topic, you may well find that it answers a specific enough aim that it attracts a lot of paid downloads!

Finding Your Routes to Market

The next thing to do is to find your ‘routes to market'. This means your direct line to the people who you are aiming your content at.

In an ideal world for instance, you might just so happen to know the editor of a fitness magazine. In that case, this is a perfect route to market that can ensure success no matter much competition there is against you.

But there are countless other routes to market out there too – and one of the easiest to approach is a “somewhat related niche”. For instance, with a website on calves, you could try and promote your content to bodybuilders but also runners, martial artists, basketball players and more!

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