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Part I: What are Landing Pages


Have you ever walked into a store and immediately are drawn to a display of products? Perhaps you were walking into a grocery store and all of a sudden there are a wide variety of flowers that have caught your eye and next thing you know is that you actually purchased one of those flowerpots on your way out. This type of marketing and advertising puts products directly in your face requiring you to make decisions in a more immediate sense. The same can be said for landing pages online! In this article, we will be talking about what are landing pages and what are the benefits related to utilizing landing pages in your niche online businesses.


What You Will Learn

  • What are Landing Pages
  • The Benefits of a Landing Page
  • The Types of Landing Pages

What Are Landing Pages?

A landing page is an individual webpage that contains product or service information that a user visiting the page can either purchase, get more information about, or otherwise sign up to receive information regarding those services or products directly on that page. Let’s break this down a little bit. First, a landing page is truly a single webpage. The concept of creating a single webpage to communicate information is similar to the grocery store example used above. Users find themselves at the landing page and only receive information on that individual page for those individual services or products. This removes much of the ability for a person to get lost when seeking information about products or services. For example, if you had a website that focused on one product and the website has multiple tabs, multiple menus, and otherwise requires a user to jump around quite a bit, it follows that it would be possible that that user could get lost while attempting to figure out information. An individual landing page avoids those issues.

Instapage Landing Page

Second, an individual landing page should only include information on individual products or services. Let’s go back to the grocery store example. When you walk into a grocery store, the method used is a table of flowers or a table of pastries. Arguably, there might be different products on the table but all of the products are the same. For example, there might be roses and lilies on the same flower table but at the end of the day the only thing on the table are flowers. With respect to a landing page, it is possible to have information on multiple kinds of the same product. For example, your landing page could be discussing a self-help product on productivity. However, on the landing page you may give the user the ability to sign up for a free newsletter on productivity while also signing up for a webinar where you will be discussing tips from a book you wrote on productivity. Clearly, these would be different items but they all relate to the same product that you are attempting to sell which is productivity tips. Make sense? If not, check out the Wikipedia page on the topic!!!!

Finally, the landing page must provide an individual user the ability to purchase, receive information, or sign up to receive ongoing information about products or services. With respect to purchasing, we should view this as putting a specific item in a cart. For example, at the grocery store if you were to see bouquets of flowers the purchase would actually be the individual putting the item in the cart. On your landing pages, it is the same idea. If you are selling a webinar, you need to give the user the ability to sign up through the use of that page. With respect to signing up for more information, this can be viewed as receiving a pamphlet. Loving our grocery store example, pretend that you walk in and you see a table full of pastries. Although you are not immediately interested in picking up the pastry and placing it in your cart, you are interested enough to where you would like more information. Luckily, the grocery stores placed pamphlets on the table that include recipe information on the pastry products. On your landing pages, this may include adequate descriptions of products, the ability to download more information about products or services, or leading individuals to other areas in which they can seek more information on your products and services even if they are not going to purchase it today. This allows you to continue to maintain a relationship with that potential customer.Niche Website SEO Strategy

In addition to actually being able to purchase or receive information, you should also give the user the ability to receive ongoing information about future products or services that you offer. This is the area in which a lot of brick and mortar stores are unable to meet. However, by utilizing a landing page appropriately you can reach out to individuals in the future even if they were not interested in that specific product or service. What am I talking about here? I am talking about giving users the ability on that individual landing page to sign up for email newsletters about future products or services. Ultimately, this is an added bonus but something that can be extremely powerful as you grow your niche business empire.

All In One Tools

By utilizing all of these components on one individual page we are able to create something called a landing page. In fact, by utilizing all of these components you are creating an all-inclusive landing page that not only meets the definition but also is strategic and effective! Many individuals create landing pages that although may generally fit the definition, unfortunately are not strategically utilized nor effectively utilized. In the end, this creates significant problems when trying to ensure that your landing pages are actually producing.

Are there different types of landing pages? At this point, you should have an adequate understanding of the elements related to what are landing pages but you might not realize that there are actually different types of landing pages. The top two types of landing pages are click through landing pages and lead generation landing page however, a third lesser known type of landing page is a product purchase landing page. Undoubtedly, there are many different uses for landing pages but these general categories create the foundation for types of landing pages.

Example #1: Click Through Landing Pages

Click Through Landing Page

The goal of a click through type of landing page is to get the user to click on a link within the landing page which brings the individual to another page. Typically, this is used in funnel type of marketing strategies. Under a funnel strategy, the landing page would get the consumer initially interested in a product, they would then click through to another page that might provide more information such as reviews, and then they may end up on a page where they can actually purchase the product. Hence, the title is a click through landing page.

Example #2: Lead Generation Landing Pages

Lead Generation Landing Page

Lead generation landing pages are different from the goal of a click through page. Specifically, lead generation pages only want the user to stay on that landing page. If a user were to deviate from that lead generation page, it would be considered that that individual would no longer be able to provide a lead to the websites for its products or services. This is unlike click through because those types of landing pages actually want individuals to go to other pages. Typically, a lead generation page is utilized for building email lists so that a company can continuously communicate to users and not specifically sell a product or service on that landing page.

Example #3: Product Purchase Landing Pages

Product Purchase Landing Page

Product purchase landing pages are pages in which the goal is to get the end-user to actually purchase a product or a service. This type of method is typically used for educational and training services such as webinars and presentations. However, it can also be used for downloads such as e-books and software. Typically, an individual would arrive at the landing page, learn about the product, and be able to add the product or service to a cart which would ultimately lead to a purchase. These pages typically require a user to end on a different page than the landing page but the individual can actually add the product or service to a cart on the landing page.

How do I Create a Landing Page?

If you have your own website and are able to easily design content and code, then you are unlikely to need any help with developing an awesome landing page. If that is you, I am absolutely jealous because creating awesome looking landing pages can be very tough! Nevertheless, there are many different companies out there offering easy ways to create incredible landing pages that converts for minimal prices. My personal favorite is Instapage. It even allows you to have a 30 day FREE TRIAL!!!

For now, check out these links and feel free to test out the products so that you can start building awesome the best ways to utilize landing pages, reviews of the various landing page services out there, and ultimately how I have created thousands of dollars of income by utilizing landing pages within my online niche businesses! I am looking forward to starting this journey with you!!! landing pages.

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