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Major Benefits of Seasonal Marketing

Marketing based on seasonal trends or holidays as it is normally termed as “seasonal marketing” is a creative and effective way to attract new clients and maintain relationships with your current clientele.

Let’s look at 7 major benefits that seasonal marketing can add to your efforts.

1. Induces people to buy more

Clients tend to spend more on products and services. The fall and winter seasons tend to be especially busy for massage therapists. People are more likely to spend more during seasonal celebrations, as well as purchase gift certificates or bring along a loved one for a massage.

2. Predictability

Instantly gives you pre-determined themes and products and it can be used for each promotion year after year. This makes it easier to plan your marketing calendar in advance.

3. Creates natural urgency

Seasons are, by nature, short and temporary. Your clients know that Valentine's Day couples massage special won't last until Summer and they will want to schedule their appointments right away to take advantage of the deal.

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4. Makes people anxious to buy gifts they wouldn’t normally consider purchase!

This will in return increased referrals.Linking promotions and discounts to a special event or holiday is a sure way to generate some buzz about your business. Satisfied clients will be happy to tell their friends and loved ones about your products or services!

5. Taps into emotional buying habits based on tradition

6. Doesn’t require much market research or inventiveness on the
part of the marketer

7. Allows you to capture more subscribers for your list while they’re entering your seasonal contests or downloading your free seasonal recipes, decorating tips or craft information

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