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Sell Without Selling Out

Some copywriters can’t sleep at night. They hate themselves because they stoop to psychological mind tricks and deceptive marketing practices just to make a few bucks.

Here's how You can sell like crazy without selling your soul.

1. Share Results

One of the easiest ways to sell lots of products with honest copy is by telling a story and sharing specific results.

This story might be about you and how you overcame a problem using a specific product. Or you might share a case study about a third party and how they used your product to get rid of their frustrations.

Either way, be sure to provide lots of details, results and proof (such as pictures, videos, or screenshots).

2. Offer a Fast Action Bonus

Creating a sense of urgency – especially if you create a fear of loss – spurs sales. And one way to legitimately introduce urgency is by offering a “fast action” bonus for a limited number of customers who click the order button first.

Example: Maybe the first 100 customers get a free consultation or access to a membership site.

Alternatively, you can also offer a fast action bonus to those who order within the first 24 to 48 hours after you launch.

3. Cap the Number of Units You Sell

Another way to create urgency and boost your conversion rate is by limiting your offer to a set number of customers. For example, you might cap an online workshop to just 200 seats, or limit the number of members in a resell rights membership site to just 500.

Tip: Capping the number of units you'll sell works best if there's a legitimate reason why you are capping the number. For example, if you are offering a personal consultation bonus or other personal training, then it makes sense that you need to limit the customers.

Likewise, if the product is more valuable if membership is limited – which is the case in a resell rights site – then your customers will know there’s a legitimate reason for the cap.

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4. Explain Why Your Offer is Unique

No matter what you are selling, you probably have competition. And that means that your prospects always have this question in the back of their minds: “Why should I order from you rather than your competitor?”

You need to be able to answer that question for your prospects, otherwise they WILL go to the competitor. And you can do that by telling prospects why your products or offers are different and better than the competitors’ products.

For example:

• You are an authority in the niche (e.g., you’re a lawyer writing a law book or a nurse writing a health book).

• You offer a strong guarantee, such as a “double your money back” guarantee or an unusually long guarantee.

• You are product includes dozens of case studies, which proves people can replicate your results.

5. Presell the Offer

Instead of having your prospect's first exposure to your product being via a sales page, you should spend a few days or a week preselling the offer. That means offering related content (for free) to build anticipation and curiosity about the offer.

6. Avoid Hype

If you have a good product, then you don't need to exaggerate your claims to sell a boatload. And indeed, many people simply won't believe you if you present hype-filled claims like, “You too can make $100,000 this month!” So skip the hype and stick to the facts.

7. Don’t Mislead Prospects

In other words, be honest.

Example: If you are offering a membership site, then don't hide the forced continuity. Not only does this mislead and anger prospects, it may be illegal where you live.

You don't need to sell your soul in order to break sales records.

Just use these seven tips to create honest, persuasive copy that doesn't disappoint your customers and they will become repeat buyers!

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